4th of July at the Suisun Marina

The oohs and ahhhhs on my Kid’s faces are priceless

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Now as an adult, my inner child gets excited to see the beautiful, bold and colorful light combinations.  It never gets old. My family has traveled to San Francisco, Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, and Old Suisun at the Waterfront Marina just to watch the fireworks and take in all that the city had to offer that day. If you do no love firework shows on the 4th of July, then that would be a sign that it’s time to make some changes in your life and live a little.

You can stop and visit the restaurant called Babb’s, the Lawler House Gallery, the Solano Historic Exploration Center, Suisun Wildlife Center, the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel, and much more. Since I am in real estate, I love just walking by and looking at the architecture of the stores on the bottom and the homes on top. There are so many different types of boats there, small and little, different colors, and the names always make me laugh because they can be very creative.

I live in Solano County, Old Suisun, or the Suisun Marina as we call it and I love seeing people of all ages dance to the live music, on the 4th of July. You feel a true sense of community, and everyone looks happy. The police department hands out gold badge stickers to the kids, and the fire department pour drinks under their cool tent. If you are a Foodie, then the food smells will drive you crazy because they are out of this world. You name it and you can find it there: cotton candy, barbecue, grilled corn, and much more. There is also great entertainment from martial arts, hip hop and many other dance performances.

For some reason it seems like the 4th of July is always really hot! However last year we got smart and decided to have a picnic with our kids and eat in an air conditioned RV. I think this will be a tradition that we will continue from here on out. As the day comes to an end the anticipation builds up and the parking lots, and streets gets more and more crowded the closer we get to 9pm. Once the vendors start to pack up, the blankets and lawn chairs come out. Everyone is picking their spots to get the best view of the fireworks.

Finally, the fireworks start and it takes my breath away. I become a child again and the look of amazement on my kid’s faces and hearing the ooohs and ahhhhs in the crowd is priceless. The fireworks show can be as long as 20 minutes, but it feels like 5 minutes, because you want to see more when it’s over. The crescendo at the end is my favorite part. The bright stars, the big bang of the Red,White and Blue colors. Travis Air Force Base is 5 minutes away from my home.  My boyfriend, my best friend, and many members in my family are military veterans.  I appreciate the sacrifices that our military families and veterans make to keep our country free and protected.

Many people choose to park along the side of Highway 12, and other large parking lots that are adjacent to the Marina to avoid the 1 hour traffic of getting out of the marina. Yes I said it, 1 hour! When you drive out of there it looks like Christmas tree lights with the parking brakes, reverse lights, and headlights everywhere. It’s all worth it in the end. The weather, food, entertainment, community, fireworks, family, and fun just makes you want to come back next year and do it all over again. My only suggestion is get there early, park your cars, bring umbrellas, use sunscreen, bring your blankets, plenty of water, and just relax. Hope to see you there this year.

Lynell Holden

Reference: http://www.visitsuisuncity.com/event/fourth-july